Why I Stopped Being On A Vegan Diet

Why I Stopped Being On A Vegan Diet – Faced with the growing number of vegan YouTubers publicly announcing that they would quit this diet, HormoPhobia conducted their investigation trying to understand such a choice.

Why Do People Stop Being Vegan

Vegan gurus go back to the meat, why so?

Why I Stopped Being Vegan YOUTUBE – For the past few months, many famous vegan “gurus” on YouTube have posted videos in which they announce that they are giving up their diet.

Alyse from Raw Alignment is no longer vegan

It’s Alyse’s latest video from Raw Alignment that inspired this article. She announces: I am not vegan.

I’ve been watching this YouTuber videos for a while, and her diet has always seemed strange to me – based on the reviews, I’m not the only one with that opinion.

I reviewed in order to understand why so many YouTubers emblematic of veganism, who converted so many people, suddenly started eating meat again …

Health problems among vegan gurus

The common point among all these social media influencers is that they became vegan as a priority for their health and not to help animals or the planet for example.

Their primary goal was to eat as healthy as possible… by visibly forgetting to eat a balanced diet!

To avoid these hours spent in front of your screen watching their videos, I will take care to sum up the key points to all these testimonies.

These young women began to have health problems that led them to change their diet.

The common symptoms that they noticed are intestinal problems, such as diarrhea, cramps, gas, bloating, nausea … but also a lot of fatigue, declines in blood pressure levels, a tendency to depression.

All of this reminds me of the symptoms of not eating enough. Coincidence? Probably not.

The obsession with “healthy eating” is not at all veganism

These YouTubers all say they have tried lots of “solutions” to avoid having to become omnivores and eat meat again. Vegan raw food, all-you-can-eat, and other complex and frankly unpronounceable diets.

They also did periods of fasting, mono-diets … In short, limiting and restrictive diets, transforming meals into an obsession.

All this gives the impression that the vegan diet is full of limitations, that it is not accessible, which is completely misleading!

Not to consume products from animal exploitation, it is a choice, it is a lifestyle, it is not a diet like Dukan or other blather.

Each of Alyse’s “a day on my plate” vlogs showed her preparing lettuce, avocado, crackers, mango, banana …

Sometimes she made them into smoothies in which she poured vegan protein. But besides that, she never ate rice, quinoa, beans, or chickpeas.

In short, everything that contains proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the human organism is missing from her meals!

This kind of content also leaves room for the belief that veganism is a sad and little varied diet, while the possibilities are endless.

I noticed this lack of a balanced diet among all the “gurus” who announced to start eating meat again.

People have the right to stop being vegan, that’s not the issue.

Where I think the problem is that these people put their health problems on the back of veganism, on the pretext that the symptoms disappeared when they eat meat.

So when they’ve eaten … protein. Which are found in vegan foods that I never saw them eat!

Veganism, a trend?

In her video where she announces the news, Alyse says that when her health problems led her to reevaluate her diet, what put her off eating meat again was that she had imprinted on her brain that it was not healthy.

She did not want to take the step for fear of finding her bad pre-vegan eating habits.

Nothing to do here with a fight against animal exploitation or a deep certainty that it is cruel to eat animals.

Again, there are plenty of good reasons to be vegan, huh.

However, some comments, as well as videos from other YouTubers, who respond with disappointment to these announcements, accuse gurus like Alyse of having turned to veganism to follow the trend and bring attention.

Veganism is not a quest for perfection

It is not because you are vegan that you will be in perfect health and will not have any nutritional deficiency!

It’s a diet like any other: you have to stick to a well-balanced diet and make sure you’re getting everything your body needs to function properly.

Vegan YouTubers who develop illnesses show that eating healthy at all costs is not necessarily the most beneficial for your body.

Someone who eats only green salad is vegan by definition and eats something that is considered healthy. However, this daily diet would be fatal.

Why I Stopped Being Raw Vegan – The testimony of the YouTuber Henya Mania is very interesting since as a vegan, she too went through a phase where her intestines were not well at all.

She admits that it was a period of her life where she tested all kinds of vegan diets, certainly, but above all extreme.

She was diagnosed with orthorexia, an eating disorder consisting of being obsessed with healthy food to the point of being unable to ingest any portion of food without absolute certainty that it is healthy.

According to her, any change in diet is dangerous when you are not informed enough.

Why People Stop Being Vegan – She thinks that these YouTubers may have followed the model that the vegan “trend” presented to them on the Internet, without learning enough about the real needs of their bodies.

We must stop this state of mind of healthy perfection at all costs.

There is no perfect diet, just eat what works well for your needs!

Announcing that we stop veganism, a bad idea?

Henya also raises an interesting point: they say these “gurus” should not publicly announce that they are eating animal products again.

Because they are followed by so many people that the consequences can be tremendous on their subscribers.

If they really want to help the animals, maybe they should keep the fact that she can’t do it anymore?

Veganism is not a competition

Henya’s quest for perfection is such that these vegan influencers seem to aspire to some value as if they should be praised for their actions.

The YouTuber takes an example that some may find extreme, but which seems rather relevant to me:

People who don’t kill other people are not called “non-killers”! It’s normality.

To those who criticize her for having more compassion for animals than for humans, she replies that being vegan does not necessarily mean having compassion for animals.

It just means leaving them alone.

Perfection is less important than belief

Kalel, a YouTuber known for being vegan, posted a very interesting video a few months ago in which she makes it clear that she is not 100%.

According to her, in our world today, it is almost impossible. No one is immune from making mistakes.

Eat a product cooked in meat sauce when it was marked vegetarian on the card, use a cosmetic that turns out not to be really cruelty-free… It can happen!

Animal products are everywhere, even where you don’t suspect. The important thing is not perfection, but the efforts you make, even if you are not 100% vegan.

Maybe you’re 95% or 70%. And it’s already remarkable! Because if everyone were even at 50% vegan lifestyle, the change for the planet would be drastic.

Ethical vegetarianism is possible

Why I’m No Longer Vegan – just because you stopped being vegan doesn’t mean you have to eat meat again. There is… vegetarianism, which is less restrictive and allows greater dietary diversity (cheese, eggs).

And YES, it can be ethical.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m 90% vegan, and I don’t plan to become 100%. The remaining 10% correspond to the rare times when I allow myself dairy products, most of the time organic.

I assume that if everyone did like me, the dairy industry as we know it today would be bankrupt quickly and lots of people would rethink their consumption.

It corresponds to my morals and my values, which are personal to me.

To take another example, I don’t buy eggs because I don’t trust how they are produced.

But if I had a house in the country, there is nothing to say that I would not have a few chickens, that I would pamper, and that I would not eat omelets from time to time.

And I don’t see where the problem is as long as everything is done with respect.

Eat while doing good, without doing harm

I believe that the conclusion of all this is something that seems obvious …

Eating is neither a competition nor a quest for perfection.

It’s a balance between what makes you feel good and what doesn’t hurt others.

If I myself am disappointed that these gurus give up veganism, it is mainly because I fear that it dissuades some from taking the plunge …

But I know that people who are really passionate and well-intentioned will not give up because their goal is not perfection.

Why I Stopped Being Vegan Reddit People Testimonial

Why I Stopped Being Vegan Reddit Responses – Following are some of the answers provided by people on Reddit and Quora communities and other social media platforms  sharing their honest experiences of being ex-vegan after they converted back to become omnivores or vegetarians

Megan Heathrow Says “I have never been a vegetarian so I am going to share the testimony of a pure and hard ex-vegan who backtracked after 20 years and became a fierce defender of meat. (It’s more common than you think)”

Why I stopped being raw vegan – “If you want I tell you, it’s very simple. I became a vegan out of the love of animals (I do not put it in brackets so as not to give an ironic coloring to the term, it would not be honest with respect to what I experienced.)

I continue to be a sensitive person, non-violent, attached to the concepts of justice, tenderness, sharing, ecology.

I have had the cruel experience that Veganism does not work well for my body or for that of my children.

Should I in doing so relegate my sensitivity to the dungeon to support a being called “dissonance”? (there I allow myself the quotes because I use this expression from a vegan point of view).

Well, I may have been tempted to distance myself from my emotions at first, during my vegan to omnivores transition, to make it easier for me.

At the time, eating fish and then the meat was impossible.

I was suffocating when I brought the salmon fork close to my mouth. Months later, eating a hamburger was a small victory over my reluctance.

Now that I’ve been using animal products for a few years now, I have been able to clarify things for myself: I am a person who “loves” animals, who like to talk to their chickens, who likes to pet them when they let me catch them. And when I kill them for their meat, it will be super hard. But I wouldn’t do it by mocking their pain or downplaying it.

I would like to add that when I was vegan, I had been told that my companion’s grandmother killed hens by caressing and comforting them. It literally disgusted me. In my head, a killer must have been cruel. Today, I could cry with emotion, in front of so much wisdom and beauty. ”

Why I stopped being vegetarian – Reddit

I have eating disorders and excluding meat and fish from my diet completely disrupted my way of digestion, despite the 1 and a half years of being vegetarian I still did not manage to have this under control, I I gained 14 pounds, I discovered the real back problems (related to the weight in my case), the guilt every time I cracked (Eating Disorder again) weakened me, after a while, I decided to stop because it was too difficult.

Say I’m weak with no resolution if you want, I know I did what was best for my physical and mental health.

I stopped being a vegetarian because I was in poor health (not because of vegetarianism of course).

At the time I had such a phobia of vomiting that it led to orthorexia and anorexia (in the sense that I didn’t want to eat anymore).

Basically, it was because the meat is more difficult to digest, so it gave me less reason to vomit. I also saw videos that disgusted me, and once again the disgust leading to nausea I stopped using it. Obviously I love animals and this part also touched me.

For all these reasons I was in poor health because I just did not eat enough. So when I wanted to get back on the right track, I started to eat meat again because my body needed it (it’s the quickest way to make up for certain deficiencies, you will say what you want) . And the time to catch up with a “normal” diet for an individual, I continued on this path.

Now that I have a more critical eye, less biased by my phobia of throwing up on food, I have adapted my diet to my beliefs about meat and eating as little as possible.

What do you think of this trend of abandonment of veganism? What is your diet?