What Cookies Are Vegan Friendly – Best Store Bought Brands 2020

What Cookies Are Vegan Friendly – Best Store-Bought Brands 2020 – Oreo, Lotus, and Lindt produce foods that do not contain any animal products and therefore meet vegan requirements. But they may be lacking proper and enough advertising for such remarkable products. And maybe that’s why they may not be such if known facts for may vegans worldwide.


What Cookies Are Vegan Friendly

Do you eat vegan? No? Maybe you do… without knowing so. The association for the protection of animals PETA recently published an interesting and very informative article about these brands which produce vegan products, without however letting it be promoted.

Veganism is a way of life that involves not consuming any product derived from animals or made from an animal product. This includes eggs, milk or butter, and cheese. Some brands such as Oreo, Lotus, or Lindt manufacture products that meet these requirements, without this being put forwarded by the brand explicitly.

1- Best Store Bought Chocolate and Candy Brands 2020

  • Some chocolate bars do not contain milk, including those from the Lindt Excellence dark chocolate and Dark Extra Fondant from Lindt, and are therefore vegan-friendly kinds. The chocolate bar is made from pure cocoa, sugar and cocoa butter. The Mon Chéri chocolate of Ferrero Roche is also vegan.
  • Most candies though have pork gelatin in their list of ingredients in order to obtain a certain texture, which does not allow them to fulfill the conditions of a vegan product. But the Dragibus (Haribo) and the Skittles (Wrigley’s) do not have such animals’ content. Animal gelatin is replaced with starch, agar-agar, or gellan gum to obtain a similar texture. Tic Tacs are also vegan, except for the lime, orange, passion fruit, and cherry flavors.

2- Best Store Bought Munchies Brands 2020

  • Some ranges of Lays, Vico, or Pringles chips are also vegan … even the barbecue flavors! These are then artificial smoke or spice aromas. Still, roast chicken or steak flavored chips, however, may contain meat fat.
  • Menguy’s sweet or savory popcorn, unlike some recipes, has no trace of butter (and therefore milk). It is replaced by palm oil, the use of which is nevertheless controversial for other reasons.

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3- What Store Bought Brand of Cookies Are Vegan

  • No, classic Oreo cookies do not contain milk, contrary to what one might think. The famous vanilla heart is no longer made from powdered whey since 2013.
  • Lotus, meanwhile, does not follow the original speculoos recipe, its version does not contain butter. Its speculoos spread is also vegan.
    • The dark chocolate cookies from Granola also, but those with milk chocolate, are Not Vegan friendly though.