What Candy Bars Can A Vegan Eat

What Candy Bars Can A Vegan Eat – Nowadays, many vegetarians and vegans are looking for sweets suitable for their diet but do not know specifically which ones are they. Although there are some, a large majority of sweets are not suitable for these types of diet requirements, yet it is not that difficult to find them in the US as in the rest of the world as well.

You will find at the end of this article a detailed list of the most famous vegetarian and vegan products brands that we have compiled for you.

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 What Candy Is Vegan

  • When you think of candy, you have certainly thought directly of the famous German confectionery brand “Haribo”. It is no coincidence that it is one of the biggest brands in the industry.

It offers many vegetarian/vegan products such as their famous “Dragibus” (Original, Soft, F! ZZ, and Duo Mix) and their “Pasta Basta” (Strawberry, Apple, and F! ZZ).

  • There is also “Lutti”, one of the leaders in the candy market, with their many vegetarian and vegan products such as the famous “Harlequins” (vegan) and their “Scoubidous” (vegetarian).
  • Without forgetting the world leader in lollipops: “Chupa Chups”. Many of their products are vegetarian and others are vegans. For the moment only three of their products are vegan: “3D Strawberry-Lime”, “3D Tropical” and “Cake Boss Cannoli” lollipops.

However, the vast majority of their products are vegetarian, such as the “Apple”, “Raspberry Vanilla”, “Cherry”, “Cola” and “Raspberry” lollipops.

  • There is also “Ricola” which offers all kinds of vegetarian and vegan products. In the FAQs available on their website, the company states: “Ricola has many hard candies suitable for vegans in its collection.

Some of these candies, however, contain honey or concentrated butter. These ingredients are indicated on the packaging if applicable.

Hard candies without honey or concentrated butter, as well as all admixtures, contain no ingredients of any animal origin of all kinds. ” You can therefore consume some of their products, by checking on the labels that they correspond to your diet!

  • In the same line, you also have some “Tic Tac” which are vegan. By default, those taste “Lime and orange”, “Passion fruit” and “Cherry” are not vegan though. I still advise you to always double-check the labels.
  • Likewise there are Vichy pastilles that are vegan (and therefore vegetarian). Besides, after its creation in the 19th century, this candy was sold as a medicine based on thermal water! It was not until 1914 that the famous lozenge was freely sold as confectionery, 58 years after the start of its sale in pharmacies!
  • In addition, there are certain “Têtes Brûlées” french products that are vegan and vegetarian. All their sweets are vegetarian except those “Dynamite”, “Kiflash” and “Jelly”.

For vegans, they are all okay to consume except those mentioned above and “the balls of the Star range”, “the Halloween balls”, “the strawberry flavor bubbles” and “the Choc-Termik Hot bars”.

  • As for “Krema”, announced in October 2018, a new range of sweets has emerged and it is “Krema Mini-Cub’ Bio ”! They are 100% organic and vegan.

I still advise you to go for a walk in the organic and vegan shops near your home because you will certainly find real little wonders there!

You can also cook your vegan sweets yourself with the help of this Our Vegan Recipes Section On HormoPhobia

Additional Vegan Candy Bars List

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At The End

You now have some ideas for finding vegetarian and vegan sweets in American And European supermarkets!

While there are other brands offering vegetarian and vegan products, this article was meant to introduce you to some of the most prominent ones.

Do not hesitate to share this article on social networks and tell us which vegetarian and vegan products you prefer!