In recent years you must’ve heard a lot about Vegan, veganism but probably didn’t know what it is?
HormoPhobia has compiled a detailed guide to veganism to better understand this diet and lifestyle…

What IS Vegan Diet & Veganism Lifestyle

A vegan refuses everything that has involved all means of animal-derived, not only food products, but also any clothing or product composed of animal derivatives or tested on animals.

When it comes to beauty products, there is only one option: opt for vegan cosmetics.

In terms of fashion, no wool, no silk, no leather, no fur of course: so we opt for quality leather replica boots (yes, it exists!) Or cotton flannel sweaters.

Concerning the vegan diet, we will look for the nutrients we need in other foods than meats and we sometimes supplement with food supplements.

Misunderstandings about vegan

  • A vegan necessarily has deficiencies. FALSE.

We always say that a vegan is necessarily deficient, especially in protein. However, the vegan redouble of tricks to seek essential nutrients off the beaten track.

Did you know, for example, that one of the foods richest in calcium is thyme? And that legumes (lentils on the front line) are very rich in protein?

A precious tip is to mix legumes with cereals (rice, semolina, quinoa or wholemeal bread for example), to have all the essential amino acids.

A vegan is deprived. FALSE.

Admittedly, entering the first restaurant with his group of your girlfriends/boyfriend for dinner is not easy for a vegan. But that doesn’t mean that being vegan means eating the same thing all the time.

On the contrary, many tell how veganism has opened the doors to an endless and previously unexplored world of vegan recipes.

The proof: do you know what tempeh, tofu, and seitan are?

A vegan is bound to be a frenzied militant. FALSE.

If it necessarily takes up a lot of space in a person’s daily life, veganism is often a progressive and thoughtful process.

From a food point of view, the transition to “zero meat” is done step by step, from vegetarianism to pure and strict veganism.

Fashion and beauty consumption is also gradually gaining ground.

At The End

If there are exceptions everywhere, veganism is not a faulty trend, far from it. The videos that have recently toured the web, revealing the inhuman methods of breeding on farms largely justify this lifestyle.

Even Beyoncé, Natalie Portman, super-sexy Liam Hemsworth, and many other celebrities have gone vegan!