Vegan Sources Of Iodine In Food

Vegan Sources Of Iodine In Food – Where does iodine come from? The sources of iodine are mainly food. The desired intake is 150 micrograms/day for an adult. It is required in the metabolism of water and fats.

Iodine and thyroid: what’s the link?

T3 and T4 thyroid hormones secreted by the thyroid gland are synthesized from iodine provided by food. In other words, iodine is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. These hormones are especially vital in regulating basic metabolism.

The iodine content of food

Marine products are the main suppliers. Seafood is rich, but eggs, milk, and cheeses are not to be outdone.


Along with iron, iodine is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world.

Some examples of Iodine Sources

  • Shellfish : 200 to 400 micrograms / 100 g
  • Fish : 2 to 131 micrograms / 100 g
  • Eggs : 32 to 70 micrograms / 100 g
  • Cheese: 21 to 73 micrograms / 100 g
  • The Vegan Sources Of Iodine are mainly ionized water and salt!

Foods rich in iodine

  1. Vegan Sources Of Iodine : salt (iodine is added in the form of potassium iodide). But also algae
  2. Non-Vegan Sources Of Iodine : seawater fish (sardines, mackerel, etc.), seafood (shellfish, crustaceans), cod liver oil.
      • Unexpectedly in dairy products and eggs. You should know that the iodine content of dairy products is very variable depending on the amount of iodine absorbed by animals and the iodine content of the soil.
      • Farm animals are supplemented with iodine to provide the population with an adequate supply when it is so simple to obtain the nutrient directly!
      • Do not rely on refined foods to bring you iodine. They lack it.

Vegan Diet And Iodine Deficiency

Mineral waters rich in iodine

If a vegan person only depends on drinking water contains very little iodine. And as it varies from one water to another. In any case, their daily consumption does not cover the nutritional needs for iodine. “An iodine deficiency may be detrimental to the human body.”

Food, iodine, and pregnancy

The need for iodine during pregnancy increases. Supplements of 25 to 50 micrograms/day are necessary because there is a risk of deficiency.

Vegan Sources Of Iodine 

Where to find iodine in food when you are vegan?

Being vegan, the consumption of animal products is excluded. You still have the solution of algae and/or iodized salt. But if this consumption is insufficient, a drug supplementation is proven to be essential. Take professional appropriate medical advice.

Iodine allergy: which foods are prohibited?

The allergy to iodine is not due to iodine but to iodized products, therefore, containing iodine (contrast products for radiological examinations). We should talk about allergy to iodized products, it would be decreased. And in this case, no food is prohibited!

Vegan Sources Of Iodine 

Iodine in 5 points

Satisfactory intakes for iodine by age

Age (years) Satisfactory intake (µg / d)
1–3 80
4–6 90
7–9 120
10 and + 150
Pregnant women 200, 250 (WHO)
Breastfeeding women 200, 290 (WHO)

Where to find iodine as a vegan?

What are the iodine requirements?

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