Vegan Leather Cruelity Free Fashionable Products

There is not a lot of info on vegan leather fashion. There are many articles and videos on leather and fur, but not so much on “how to dress vegan”. For the past year, I haven’t worn leather, wool, or fur … And even if it’s sometimes not that easy and accessible, it’s still possible.

Vegan Leather

The wool industry, similar to the leather and fur industries, is a crime, to begin with. And if we “easily” have the reflex to say to myself: I can stop eating meat… Stopping wearing leather is yet another story.

However, the two things go hand in hand. And today there are some well-made vegan leather brands, which offer us sizeable cruelty-free alternatives!

Please note, I am not talking about ethical fashion (even if many brands are)… Just clothes, shoes, and bags without leather, wool, and fur.

Vegan Leather Cruelty Free Fashionable Products

I discovered with awe that wool was compatible with suffering and animal torture. As for leather, I was not so shocked as that and the fur … I always knew it.

Here are some pieces of published articles that explain why all this is not a sound choice, both for the animals and for us:

Information is very limited on the origin of the leather that we sometimes wear next to the skin.

Yet we know that tanning chrome leather is one of the 10 most problematic sources of pollution in the world with a population at risk of 1,848,100 people ( World worst pollution problem report 2011 ).

The most affected regions are South Asia, Central America, South America, Africa.

In this analysis of different leathers reveals significant levels of Chromium VI, in quantities dangerous to health.

Why It’s Better To Opt For Vegan Leather

On this subject, ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) launched in April 2012 a six-month public consultation on the restriction of chromium VI in leather articles ” We know that chromium VI can cause severe allergic contact dermatitis in humans and cause dermatitis even if its concentration is very low.

In particular, the risk assessment shows that chromium VI present in shoes or other leather items can trigger contact allergies.

Chromium VI is not deliberately used in the preparation of leather from hides or in the manufacture of leather goods but may form during the process due to the oxidation of chromium III used when tanning leather.

However, studies have shown that more than 30% of the leather articles tested contain chromium VI in a concentration greater than 3 mg/kg, the limit of concentration proposed by the Danish authorities. ”

To feed the survey, 10 pairs of shoes chosen from the most famous French manufacturers and distributors were analyzed by a research laboratory to measure the proportion of chromium VI. Worrisome.

EDIT: The price does not guarantee non-toxic leather. Prefer a European origin or choose a vegan leather tanning

Associations, Communities offering Additional Info On Vegan Leather

Blogs Concerned With Vegan Leather Issues

There aren’t many, but there are a few vegan and cruelty-free fashion blogs. These blogs are all in English:

Vegan Leather brands

I already told you about two vegan brands on the blog, one that offers pretty bags, and the other shoes. But there are many others! Here are the most famous vegan brands:

  • Matt & Nat: leather goods brand that offers very sophisticated faux leather bags, lined with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Come and discover my opinion on the Matt & Nat brand .
  • Freedom of animals: a brand of splendid bags… But inaccessible to me for now!
  • Stella McCartney: most girls buying bags and shoes from this brand don’t even know it’s not leather! And yet, all of his creations are made of vegetable leather and made from the most ecological materials possible.
  • Wills Vegan Shoes: is a brand of very classy and comfortable vegan shoes. Come and discover my opinion on the Wills brand.
  • Beyond Skin: English shoe brand, very pretty and trendy.
  • Vegetarian Shoes: it’s not my style, but there is something for everyone!
  • MooShoes: offers very original models!
  • Lulus: not everything is vegan, but they have a section specially dedicated to vegetable leather shoes. Their designs are very pretty, inspired by creators (rockstuds from Valentino), and not expensive at all (to be viewed in terms of quality…).
  • Miss Selfridge: a vegan leather shoe brand! Always make sure to appraise, but so far I’ve only seen 100% synthetic. They also offer clothing without leather and certain coats without wool (the composition is indicated).