Vegan Black Sesame Seed Cookies Recipe

Vegan Black Sesame Seed Cookies Recipe
Vegan Black Sesame Seed Cookies Recipe

For a rich-with-nutrients vegan diet, we always have lots of ideas for incorporating more zinc-rich foods into your diet. So today’s recipe rather shows you an application in my everyday life: Vegan Black Sesame Seed Cookies Recipe


Vegan Black Sesame Seed Cookies Recipe

My vegan fellas two, like me, eats their lunches in the canteen. And it is a hassle for them to have a balanced meal!

It too often happens that the only source of sulfur amino acids (complementary brought by cereals) is cottage cheese

While a lentil salad is an easy to prepare and very economical dish that could safely be offered among starters, with notable benefits for everyone’s health, the environment, animals, and the cost of meals.

Let’s go back to our Vegan Black Sesame Seed Cookies Recipe. My goal here is to fill in the gaps in my, especially in sulfur amino acids, iron, and zinc.

All in the form of an attractive snack that is not at all complicated to prepare (yeah I don’t have that to do).

My solution: Chocolate Vegan Black Sesame Seed Cookies (I warned you, a real kid).

And nutritionally, 3 cookies contain 6.7 g of protein, 147 mg of calcium, 3.7 mg of iron, and 1.8 mg of zinc!

All highly assimilable if you have germinated the legumes, and if you accompany the cookies with fresh fruit.

Ingredients for a plate of Vegan Black Sesame Seed Cookies

– 200 g of cooked legumes, if possible after germination (coral lentils for “plain” cookies OR green lentils / red beans / black beans + cocoa powder for “all chocolate” cookies OR split peas for cookies flavored with mint)
– 65 + 15 = 80 g of sesame seeds if possible soaked overnight and rinsed
– 65 g of water
– 65 g of whole sugar
– 15 g of cocoa
– 15 g of flour ( wheat flour, rice flour, ground oatmeal …)
– Chocolate chips, vanilla, cinnamon … you choose from the previous list which will complement the taste of sesame seeds


  1. – In a salad bowl, mix 65 g of sesame seeds with water and legumes, using a hand blender.
  2. – Add cocoa, sugar, flour, and any flavorings.
  3. – If necessary, add flour to obtain a malleable dough.
  4. – Shape the cookies on a baking sheet: for very round cookies, tap the dough with your finger in a round cookie cutter (the cookie cutters do not work, the dough is too sticky). For irregular cookies, place them with an ice cream spoon and flatten them slightly with your finger.
  5. – Keeps for a short week on a plate or in a box that is not necessarily airtight.

Additional Tips On How To Prepare The Most Nutritional Vegan Black Sesame Seed Cookies Recipe

  • Soaking the sesame seeds allows you to get rid of phytates but also part of the bitterness of the seeds. Rinse the seeds well after soaking to eliminate maximum bitterness. In the commercial tahini, I think that the seeds are not soaked before grinding.
  • The whole (unshelled) black sesame seeds are rich in zinc and calcium. 
  • White sesame seeds   (shelled and raw) are almost as rich in zinc but contain almost no calcium.
  • Please note: if not mentioned otherwise, commercial brown sesame seeds are often white seeds that have been simply roasted.
  • Variation without sesame: for allergy sufferers and those who do not like their taste. Replace them with pumpkin seeds, which have a much milder taste but are just as rich in zinc. The reason for using sesame seeds here is that they are easier to find than pumpkin seeds.
  • Sugar-free variant: replace the sugar with dried fruit – at least 100 g of dates (15 pitted dates) mixed with water, and add about 35 g of flour.
  • Crunchy variant: If you don’t like soft cookies, you have to replace legumes with flour, like classic hard cookie recipes. So you lose a good source of zinc, but the cookies are crunchy.

Enjoy it, and have a good Sunday!


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