The Best Vegan Restaurants In The World

The Best Vegan Restaurants In The World – Vegetarian and vegan food is gaining more and more popularity worldwide every day. There are countless cities where this type of cuisine enjoys distinguished repute.

vegetarians, vegans, plant-based, simply who relish this type of food, They should know these top ten vegan destinations.

The Best Vegan Restaurants In The World

To quit eating meat is not an easy call, but, It is actually now more adaptable than ever. HormoPhobia is sharing this selection of destinations where exquisite vegan-friendly restaurants are included. So keep reading…

1.- Portland (United States)

This city has the world’s first vegan mini-mall, but the vegan choices are also unlimited in most eateries in this city.

We Recommend: Natural Selection restaurant presenting some super delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes.

2.- New York (United States)

The odds of accidentally running into a vegetarian or vegan eatery may be higher in New York than in any other American city. Establishments like Pure Food & Wine and the Candle Café, which serves all farm-to-table recipes, add to such variety.

3.- Chennai (India)

In southern India, virtually no meat is eaten, as it is the early home of vegetarianism. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu based on Rice Supply of very spicy meals and flavorful curry recipes.

It is normal to get quick snacks from the streets like dosa and rice with tamarind and lemon.

Also try the vegetarian thalis (Platones with some curries, rice, and bread) They are even cheaper than a latte at Starbucks.

We recommend: The Madras Hotel Raintree restaurant in Chennai for its refreshing menus

4.- Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Chiang Mai has over 80 vegetarian and vegan establishments to cater to its vast Buddhist community. Even those who are not particularly serving vegetarian meals, tom yum meatless soup, pad thai, salads, and coconut curries can be served all vegan-friendly.

We recommend Pun Pun, using organic vegetables from their own vineyard. The curries are served on banana leaves. Pun Pun has 3 branches in the city: Wat Suan Dok temple; one search for Night Safari, and another one near Plaza Airport at Hang Dong.

5.- Glasgow (Scotland)

It’s not strange to know that the PETA organization “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” endowed in Glasgow as the city was called the best city in the UK for vegans 2013.

The expanding abundance of restaurants of this class is part of local state attempts to promote the well-being of its citizens.

We Recommend: Monkey Bar Café in the market town. The bar offers a well-varied menu of house-style meatless meals, such as burritos with stir-fried beans. There are classical music musicians and songwriters.

6.- London (England)

PETA has titled London as the most vegetarian-welcoming city of 2009 and it prevails as one of The Best Vegan Restaurants In The World for those who do not consume meat.

There are over 130 vegan and vegetarian eateries where the fresh curries are served, just as numerous as local pubs are serving the traditional fish and chips. Nowadays, even these pubs serve raw vegan and vegetarian meatless dishes.

We Recommend: It is believed that the most renowned vegetarian/vegan establishment, is the Food for Thought in Covent Garden, serving: Mexican specialties, Indian cooking, dill cheese patties, and quiches. The food is delicately decided and really at reasonable prices.

7.- Jordan

It is pretty relaxed to encounter vegan-friendly beaneries in Jordan, where Mezze includes numerous variety of vegan dipping and appetizers including tabbouleh, hummus, falafel all served aside the fresh beta Arabic bread.

We recommend: the two Beit Sitti (which means “my grandmother’s kitchen” in Arabic), placed in the heart of the capital Amman and also Cuisine Petra.

There are infinite alternatives in almost every corner of the country. Not mentioning the cooking classes administered at most restaurants and hotels.

8.- Berlin (Germany)

Berlin the capital of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the universe as stated by the 2015 Good Taste Award New Yorker Saveur journal

Berlin is presently an up-to-date hub for vegans as well as vegetarians. Berlin is the leading major metropolis in the West where vegetarianism has approached equivalence with the regular carnivore diet.

The new vegetarian cookery in society meets a more successful culinary exhibition and produces a novel and usually glorious menu.

We recommend: Kopps, a sophisticated vegan restaurant, returns to old German recipes and uses raw natural goods.

9.- Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumpur is an artistically mixed social pot, that’s why you can experience diverse cookery.

Concentrating on vegetarian food, as affirmed by the HappyCow, the guide to healthful eating, Kuala Lumpur has over 100 vegetarian and vegan eateries. Where it is typical to see a Chinese, Malaysian, or Indian beaneries.

We Recommend: The very affordable Gopala restaurant with a potpourri of inspirational recipes from Thailand and India. Their vegan satay (a kind of skewer) and fried rice are the best we can taste in the whole world.

10.- Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

In modern times, Vancouver has seen many rising vegan star restaurants, to accommodate the craving of vegans and vegetarians.

We recommend: The Acorn, it gained a listing on the ten best new restaurants of the Journal en Route in 2014.  It is also the leading vegetarian establishment to win this prize.

Vegetarians, Raw Vegans, gluten-free Foodies, and anyone who craves to taste a distinctive cuisine can go there as they offer a fresh menu with only the seasonal fruits and vegetables.