Best Vegan Friendly Restaurants In Philly PA

Either you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just looking for plant-based food selections, it’s always helpful to have some suggestions based on others’ personal experiences.

That’s why HormoPhobia has compiled this listing, highlighting the Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Philly PA as decided by the top rates estimated from our Philadelphian fellows’ reports.

These Top Philly Restaurants With Vegan Options will even intrigue the most dedicated carnivores for the delicious and unique delicacies they serve.

Best Vegan Friendly Restaurants In Philly PA

It’s interesting that Philadelphia, a city that is remarkably distinguished for its cheesesteaks and roasted meat sandwiches, could likewise embrace one of the country’s most hardy restaurants with numerous vegan options, with even new eateries rising every year.

Fine diners can discover pleasure in many of the city’s fancy restaurants. Also, home-style cooking and junk food lovers can find some delicacies of their own.

Read on for some of Philadelphia’s Best Restaurants With Vegan Options including some vegetarian- and plant-based options.

  • Bar Bombón

Serving unique vegan Latin meals…

Nicole Marquis, the owner of HipCityVeg and Charlie Was A Sinner eateries is the mastermind behind this coz cafe and vegan Latin cooking spot located near Rittenhouse. Bar Bombón has a very satisfying plant-based food menu with specialties like Cubanos, plátanos, tacos, empanadas, margaritas, and much much more.

Bar Bombón, 133 S. 18th Street

  • Sweet Freedom

A gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, allergy-friendly bakehouse…

Even a carnivore with a sweet tooth will most definitely enjoy the freshly-baked patisseries there. Taking some time out from animal-derived, heavy cholesterol and processed sugars at Sweet Freedom’s will mostly be beneficial for your health.

There are 2 local places, which also serve many gluten-free, nut-free allergen-free options,

Sweet Freedom, 1424 South Street

  • LUHV Vegan Deli

Vegan, Plant-Based American, Fast food, Delivery and Take-out

Vegan deli truck indoors of the Reading Terminal Market serving vegan power soups, outstanding traditional sandwiches with a twist, vegan tuna salad, and some delicious raw vegan burger patties to cook at home.

51 N 12th St (at Reading Terminal Market), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, +1-267-758-5779

  • Blackbird Pizzeria

Serving the best vegan comfort food in Philadelphia…

Pizza, sandwiches, steaks — the genuine stuff. Chef Mark Mebus’ inventive cooking talent reflects in his astounding Balboa pie (seitan dogs, pumpkin bulbs pesto, tofu ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and arugula pizzas), and their signature Cubano ham and cheese sandwichs (lemon-infused seitan, Violife vegan cheese, pickles, mustard, seitan pancetta, and cured tofu)

Blackbird Pizzeria, 614 N. 2nd Street

  • Essene Market & Café

An eatery spreading the health-awareness culture

At Essene Market & Café, a sweet and savory all meat-free buffet and dining area share the lavish expanse with regional and unadulterated food and fresh vegan grocery items. Additionally, they always make the freshest juices and patisseries for special diet and allergen requirements.

Essene Market & Café, 719 S. 4th Street

  • Govinda’s Gourmet Vegetarian

Meatless sandwiches crammed with gusto…

Serving up some of the best Philly Restaurants With Vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, as well as Vedic food Options. Govinda’s Gourmet Vegetarian is distinguished for its slaws and sandwiches — particularly their signature vegan chicken cheesesteaks.

Govinda’s Gourmet Vegetarian, 1408 South Street

  • Charlie Was a Sinner

Vegan, American, Beer/Wine, Delivery, Take-out

This is a bar-like diner serving small courses and beverages. The restaurant happy hour in some of the weekdays. The kitchen opens till 1 am, however, the basic menu items aren’t available past 11 pm. Age restriction to sit at the bar just not at the diner’s tables though.

131 S 13th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, +1-267-758-5372

  • Miss Rachel’s Pantry

Shared dining and vegan catering…

Chef Rachel Klein the head chef at Miss Rachel’s Pantry, this catering business, and establishment allowing a limited number of communal seats available only at weekend nearby their farmhouse. The five-course menu varies depending on the season for freshness requirements.

Miss Rachel’s Pantry, 1938 S. Chadwick Street

At The End

So that’s our listing of the very best vegan restaurants Philadelphia PA has to offer. We wish that you like your dining adventure in Philly.

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